Staff & coworkers

Pastor Vincent & wife, Qiufen

Having served and grown up together with many of his co-workers, Pastor Vincent is one servant whom the Lord raises up, for the glory of His Church. Humbly ordained as a church deacon since the start of the church, God has put in him a visionary and shepherd’s heart. He was thus called into full-time pastoral work, a year after The Life Church and Missions was set up. He was also ordained as Reverend in 2011. Seeing the Holy Bible as the highest authority over all men, Pastor Vincent preaches a covenanted message, through which the true and living Immanuel God can be magnificently experienced by every believer. He emphasizes the complete and systematic understanding of God’s Word. He downplays mystical, legalistic, humanistic and prosperity beliefs, and proves (from the inerrant and infallible Word) that the blessings of the Immanuel God can be practically tested and approved by every child of God who holds on to the covenanted Word of God. The Life Church and Missions is a reformed independent church which the Lord builds and sanctifies using His servant, Pastor Vincent, together with the collective experiences and testimonies of every brethren in it. God has also brought forth many doors of Evangelism and Discipleship across the regions in Asia and America through the sound teaching and life-giving messages given through the church pulpit. With that, God is seen raising His own church to be a powerful witness to this era, in which Pastor Vincent serves wholeheartedly. Pastor Vincent is blissfully married to Sister Qiufen, and has 3 lovely children, Mary, David and Caleb. Sister Qiufen provides much support and help while the Church was being built-up.